About Us

Search Exotics LA is not an exotic rental car agency, but rather we are consumers just like yourself who have experienced the ups and downs of renting exotic vehicles all over the country, but mostly in Los Angeles. We never had tons of money to blow, so we always did tons of research to find the best deals on exotic rental cars and also the best service. Not only have we experienced every major company in Los Angeles, but we also connect with other consumers who send us their feedback as well on these exotic rental agencies.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive guide and review of all Los Angeles exotic rental car agencies so that you don’t make the same mistakes that we did and to help you find the best possible deals. Just because you’re spending a decent amount of money on an exotic rental car doesn’t mean you should be ripped off, and that’s why we’re here to help!

Search Exotics LA grew from our experiences as the renters of exotic cars throughout the United States. Our experiences ranged from excellent to so bad that we would never consider going back there. For the latter companies, we basically felt ripped off from our hard earned money.

You see, we are like most of our visitors here. We love exotic cars but we do not have a never ending pile of money from which to pull to feed our fascination with these thrilling and striking technological wonders. We work hard for our money but we also like to play hard as well on our days off. After all, we think we are worth it.

It was because of our dissatisfaction with so many of our exotic car rental experiences that we decided that there had to be a better way of warning others before they too plunked their hard earned cash down into the eager hands of an exotic car rental agent only to be delivered an experience that can only best be described as lackluster.

At Search Exotics LA we want our website to be the go-to place for those people who are looking for the best in exotic rental car experiences. We do not endorse or single out any one exotic rental car agency. Instead we aim to provide you our visitor with all the information you need to choose the right exotic car rental agency for your own needs.

We are not affiliated with any of these agencies so we have no reason to not offer you our loyal reader our honest opinions. Because of our lack of affiliation, Search Exotics LA is able to remain completely unbiased. This means that our information, facts and reviews are more complete, making it easier for you to have everything you need you to make the right decision for you.