Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of information do you provide on your website?
A. At Search Exotics LA, we provide a host of information about topics such as Lamborghini rental. Los Angeles residents will find everything they need at their fingertips to make the best decision for their exotic car needs. Some examples of the information we provide include the names of all of the exotic car rentals in Los Angeles, as well as their contact phone numbers. We also include unbiased reviews from real people who have used these agencies. We provide the type of cars that each particular agency carries.

Q. Where do you get your reviews?
A. We ourselves are avid renters of exotic cars across the country though most of our efforts have been in the Los Angeles area. For this reason, many of the reviews on the site are our personal experiences from the agencies in the LA area. We have also been contacted by people just like you and me who have use exotic car rental agencies in Los Angeles and who wanted to share their experiences with other fans of exotic cars. This is exactly why we built this site: so exotic car fans can help one another.

Q. How much does it cost to rent an exotic car in Los Angeles?
A. Like everything else, costs for a Lamborghini rental in Los Angeles vary widely. The same is also true for the other makes of exotic cars. This is why we include a breakdown of prices in our reviews of the websites. We want you to know what your costs are likely to be upfront and before you place that call to reserve your favorite exotic car.

This is not to say though that each exotic car rental agency will not have a special or two that you can take advantage of in order to save even more money. In order to find the price of renting an exotic car in Los Angeles today – because prices could fluctuate – is to call the exotic rental car agency itself and ask for their most current price list.

If you think that we need to update our website with information about such specials, just shoot us an email. We are happy to make the changes to our listings and appreciate the feedback.

Q. So what are you trying to sell here? I’ve looked and looked and I can’t find anything. I don’t get it.
A. But you do get it! We are not here to try to sell you anything. We are also not here to persuade you to use one exotic car rental agency over another. We truly do not care which agency you choose. You call and book with the one that meets your own unique needs. All we are doing is providing you with the information and stats that we would look for and find useful when it comes to making the decision of which one to use. We are an information only website.

Q. What forms of payment do the exotic car rental agencies take?
A. In our research, we have found that updated procedures can be expected when dealing with companies that specialize in exotic car rental. Los Angeles residents and visitors can enjoy paying for their exotic car experiences with their favorite credit card. Most exotic car rental agencies accept Visa and MasterCard. While some agencies also accept Discover and American Express, you might find that some will only accept one but not the other. In addition, there might be other accepted forms of payment depending on the individual agency. To avoid disappointment, be sure to call the agency with questions like this before making your final decision about which one to use.

Q. How old do I have to be to rent an exotic car in Los Angeles?
A. In almost all cases, the minimum age for renting an exotic car from an agency in Los Angeles is 25. You will find that this is actually the norm for the car rental industry itself for the entire state. Although there are ways to be able to rent an ordinary car even if you are under the age of 25, they involve performing almost all – if not all – of the transaction in cash. Cash is not typically a method of payment that many exotic car rental agencies in Los Angeles deal in so it just makes sense that you can assume that the minimum age is going to be 25. Again though, to be sure of each individual company’s policy, be sure to call them directly and ask them about their aging policy in regards to their exotic car rentals.

Q. Is insurance on my exotic car rental included with the rental fee that I pay?
A. In almost all cases that we are aware of the answer is no it is does not. Insurance is a separate fee that must be paid in addition to the cost of renting the exotic car of your choice. In most cases, the agency will charge you this fee on a daily basis. This fee varies depending on the type of exotic car you want to drive with many agencies starting their insurance fees at around $20 a day and up. Contact the individual agency to ask them their fees for insurance on their exotic cars.

Most importantly, if an exotic rental car agency does not have “Commercial Rental Fleet Insurance”, they are operating illegally and chances are if anything happens with your rental vehicle your insurance will not cover you. Read our full article here on exotic rental car insurance or check out the full list of exotic rental car agencies in Los Angeles who do and do not have commercial rental fleet insurance here.

Q. Is a security deposit required?
A. Yes. Every agency that we used in Los Angeles as well as each one that we used across the United States required a security deposit. This security deposit varies widely depending on which car you choose as well as the agency itself but many start at about $500 and rise in price depending on the car you choose. For further details, contact the agency directly.

Q. Can an international driver rent an exotic car in Los Angeles?
A. The exotic car rental agencies in the Los Angeles area understand that the region is a huge draw for people of all countries. Most – if not all – have policies in place that allow them to cheerfully accept international drivers if a few simple conditions are met. Copies of the driver’s passport and driver’s license must be provided to the company. In most cases, the company will use these pieces of information to have a background check performed on the driver. Upon the successful completion of this step, the driver is then treated as any other driver who comes to the exotic car rental agency.

Q. Do the rental prices for these exotic cars come with a mileage package?
A. In almost all cases, you will find that the prices charged by the agencies include a certain amount of miles that you can travel each day without further fees. If you are going to be driving for greater distances, either be prepared to pay for the additional miles when you turn the car back in or choose another car that has a more generous mileage package that will meet your needs.

Q. How do I decide which exotic car rental is best for me?
A. You might think the answer to this question is going to be easy: rent whichever exotic car makes you the happiest and gives you the experience you want. There is no cut and dried answer to this question though and deciding on the experience you want can take more than just a quick look at the sleek lines of the exotic cars that are offered. Keep the following three things in mind when you choose:

Q. How much to do you people to talk about you and your car?
A. Each of the exotic cars has its own attributes that make it talk worthy but many people will say that a Lamborghini is tops for attracting all the attention – both on the road and off.

Q. How much should I spend renting an exotic vehicle?
A. Most of the agencies on our website list exotic cars for rent in a range of prices so that you are able to find something to fit within your budget.

Q. Where can I take the exotic rental car?
A. If you plan to simply tool around the city’s main streets and stick to driving short distances, then it is likely that any of the mileage packages that are offered by the agency will be sufficient for your needs. On the other hand, if you envision taking hours long cruises through the canyons, you might want to look for an exotic car rental that provides you with more miles on a daily basis. Otherwise you could be hit with a large bill for the additional miles that you used over and beyond the allotted amount.