Tips & Advice

This is where you will find our best tips and advice on enjoying your exotic car rental. Los Angeles visitors as well as her residents will find this page filled with useful information that we felt that we needed to share. If we have managed to enhance just one person’s exotic car experience due to our tips and advice that we have here, then we consider ourselves to have done a good job. As always, if you feel like you have anything you want to add to this page or you want to clarify a point, we encourage you to contact us so that we can add those to our page. After all, this page is by fans of exotic cars for fans of exotic cars.

Dress for the Part
One tip we have for you would be to dress for the experience. Now this might seem like it is an easy question to answer but in reality the right answer to this question might be very different for you then it would be for me and your best friend might have a totally different take on the whole thing. Many people might think exotic car and instantly come up with a particular image of the driver.

This image can be vastly different from what someone might don when it comes to driving one of these gorgeous exotic cars though. In our experience, one of three views has popped up. The first has the driver decked out in all his finery like he is taking his exotic car to a Hollywood premiere – black coat, tie, tails – the works.

The second scenario has an ordinary Joe. He is neatly dressed in his favorite yet comfortable T shirt or maybe a polo if that is what he feels like wearing and a comfortable pair of khaki shorts or jeans. His main focus seems to be on comfort.

The third scenario has the stunt driver all suited up for the job. He is dressed in black from head to toe and has on the helmet, the gloves, the boots – the whole nine yards. This driver is ready to go barreling around the hair pin turns of the Pacific Highway and he is taking no prisoners along the way.

The way we see it, the way you dress when you drive your exotic car is totally up to you. If you – like us most of the time – are driving these cars during our leisure time, we want to be relaxed. We want to enjoy the feel of the buttery smooth and soft leather upholstery as we gun the powerful motors. As long as we are comfortable, we don’t have to look like movie stars when we stop and take in the gorgeous scenery.

That is unless we really are going to a move premiere in Hollywood. Then we would totally dress in the best suit money can buy from head to toe. And that stunt driver? We advise you to leave the ensemble safely tucked away in your closet. Most of the exotic car rental agencies here in LA would probably not be thrilled to see you dragging a helmet behind you when they bring your car to you.

The Experience
Driving an exotic car is like having the entire package right there at your fingertips. You want speed? Got it covered. You want power? Check on that one. You want one of a kind looks? Yep, that is included too. From the minute you make that call reserving your exotic car rental in Los Angeles – regardless of how long you are able to make the reservation for – you start anticipating.

Will your heart skip a beat or ten when your exotic car rental pulls up? Will you be able to feel the thrum and purr of the engine when you open the door to slid into the driver’s seat – a place that looks and feels like it was custom made for you. Slide into the rich and buttery soft leather upholstery and feel how it cradles your body in perfect comfort. Feel the robust thrum of the barely harnessed horses as you put your foot on the gas pedal. How will the rich and smooth steering wheel feel under your ready hands?

If this is your first time renting a Lamborghini or any other exotic car in LA for that matter, you are probably more than a little nervous. We would probably consider ourselves to be experts on this subject by now and our biggest piece of advice is to relax. Make you sure take the time to really enjoy the whole experience which is why you wanted to do this in the first place.

Don’t be so uptight and nervous that you are not even able to listen to the purring of the motor as it gathers to do your bidding. Feel the tight responsiveness of the car as you take it down along your favorite LA highway. Get comfortable in the premium leather seats and enjoy having an array of top entertainment options right there at your fingertips so that they can enhance your trip.

On the other hand, you do not want to be that guy. Who is THAT guy? This is the guy that is lurking down inside all of us. Some of us just hide him a bit better than others do. This is the crazy stunt driving guy who really wants to have a job as someone’s – James Bond maybe? – and drive the exotic cars while careening around hairpin turns with the tires smoking and the engines whining in protest with the gears clashing. Don’t forget about the hot blonde hanging on your arm.

Yeah, while we can all relate to wanting to do this and having the urge to drive like that, most of us curb it pretty well. We know that this behavior will not only get our deposit revoked from us straightaway but we will also be put on a type of blacklist where eventually it will be very hard to find an LA exotic car rental agency that will let us take out one of their cars without having to be exorbitant fees for doing so.

This is not to say that we drive around like grandpas either though. Make no mistake about it. We test these little babies and make them go through all their paces while they are with us. We make them reach their top speeds again and again. We do so in a smart way though. We carefully research the roads that offer us what we want to see and do while we are renting our exotic cars.

Depending on our mood, this might mean that we seek out a road with a long swath of straightaway that is relatively free of tourists. On the other hand, maybe we want to do the touristy thing and love to feel how our exotic car corners and handles on the notorious Pacific curves. This of course involves for finesse than it does speed but there is no reason why you cannot combine both a good amount of high speed straightaway driving with a fair bit of curvy pleasure if you play your cards right. It is all simply a matter of planning the right way.

The Attention You Get
Let’s be honest here… having the privilege of driving an exotic car with its engine that is so powerful that it is almost unreal and speeds that are almost unheard of outside a race course is only a small reason for the appeal of these vehicles. The other appeal is the attention.

Pretty cars – especially in Los Angeles, a town chock full of pretty things! – are everywhere. They are stunningly beautiful and nice to look at. They do however look a great deal alike. Once you have seen one new Hummer or Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac, they all pretty much look the same.

It does not matter what else is out there on the street though. Brittany Spears’ limousine could be pulled to the curb and while yes people will be looking at it, once you pull up in your Lamborghini, she is not going to be the only show in town. Like any other exotic car – after all this is what make them exotic – Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Ashton Martins all quietly sit there and drink in the attention.

These exotic cars are showy but not in a loud – I am a bright pink car type of loud for example – way. The way these exotic car grab the attention is by sitting there quietly with their barely harnessed horsepower rumbling beneath the hoods, pistons all firing in a sweet melody, sleek and seamless flowing lines of their bodies showing off their every detail. For those – like you – who are lucky enough to look inside, the all leather interior, creamy and buttery soft, invites you to touch it and caress it to fully enjoy the sensations that it creates.

When you drive one of these top of the line exotic cars, you will feel like you are riding on the wind. Nestled within the comfort of your leather interior – with your tunes cranked as high as you need them so that you can more fully enjoy the experience – as your car waits – its eagerness barely contained – as its engines hum merrily under your feet, you can rest assured that all eyes will be on you. No matter what celebrities are in the area, what the scenery is like or what is going on in the vicinity, when you come up, there will be a scene. You will be noticed each and every time you drive your favorite exotic car.

It is this complete experience that we fans of exotic cars live for day after day. It is what we work so hard for and why we love our exotic cars. We understand the power and grace that are built right into these iconic vehicles and we celebrate that always.